Cutter Craft - Cookie Cutter Rainbow Small S/S

Cutter Craft - Cookie Cutter Rainbow Small S/S

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Stainless steel cookie cutter. Rainbow small. Size 8x5cm. 2.5cm high.  Also available is a handmade large full rainbow with 2 clouds at each end. Decorate alone or with our unicorn shapes, castles and wands to create a magical platter for someone special. Decorate the perfect cookie or make great fondant cake toppers.

This cutter has many uses in baking, craft and textiles. It is ideal, used in the kitchen, for cutting cookie dough, shortbread, fondant icing, sandwiches, fruits and cheese plus also can be used with modelling clay in ceramics and pottery, jewellery making, fimo, sculpy and even playdoh. Or how about using it as a stencil in felting, scrapbooking, candle and soap making. The cooking and craft ideas are endless.

TIP – Roll different colours of fondant into sausages, glue together OR roll and squish together, then use the cutter to cut the perfect rainbow shape! Allow to dry fully till hard, make some fluffy clouds and insert your rainbow into the clouds, creating the perfect 3D cake topper!

Stainless steel Made in China