Bento Box Cake Class with Anita (Night Class) - 10th August 2023

Bento Box Cake Class with Anita (Night Class) - 10th August 2023

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Join Anita from Slices of Heaven by Anita, an award winning decorator , for a Bento Box cake and cupcake class on Thursday 10th of August 2023, from 6pm-8.30pm

In this class Anita will teach you how to torte, fill, and cover a cake with buttercream, achieving sharp edges for a polished finish. You will also learn different piping techniques on your cake and cupcakes.

Throughout the class, you will learn cake baking tips,including how to color your buttercream to achieve the perfect shade. 

Anita will also teach you how to make chocolate hearts and to colour them using luster dust.

Finally, you will learn about the placement of decorations, adding the finishing touches to your  buttercream Bento Box. 

By the end of the class, you will have gained the skills and knowledge to create a stunning buttercream cake and cupcakes. You will leave feeling confident in your abilities and excited to continue your cake decorating journey. Join us at CW Cake Wonderland