Cadbury Sienna Milk Compound Buttons 500g

Cadbury Sienna Milk Compound Buttons 500g

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Cadbury Sienna Milk Compound Buttons 500g 

Microwave: Melt in short bursts; stir between pulses. Heat until 45°C is reached. do not heat over 50°C.

Indirect: Place buttons in a dry pan over warm water and stir constantly until 45°C is reached. Avoid heating over 50°C. Avoid contact with rising steam or water drips.

We recommend use of a handheld digital probe to check all temperatures. 

Tempering: Tempering is not necessary for this product. Following melting instructions and use directly.

Cooling: the ideal cooling conditions are 15°C-20°C and 50%RH. Circulate with cool dry air. Avoid overchilling.

Cadbury compouds are sepcially formulated using Lauric type cocoa butter substitute fats and other quality ingredients. Avoid use with non compatible fats such as cocoa butter based chocolates.

Ingredients: Sugar, vegetable fat, milk solids cocoa powder, emulsifiers (soya Lecithin 476, 492) Flavour, cocoa solids 7% milk solids 21%