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SPECTRUM FLOW Airbrush Pen Holder

This little airbrush pen holder from SPECTRUM FLOW is the perfect tool for anyone that is into their airbrushing. You can now have up to four airbrush pens on the go at the same time, saving you precious time on your projects. You can have different colours in each pen and just clip them on and off from the pipe connected to your compressor, with 3 pens sitting in the holder and the fourth pen in use. This will save you having to rinse though your airbrushing pen when changing from a dark to a light colour, and the best bit is you only need one compressor! With the easy release mechanism from the pipe to the pen they can be changed with ease, allowing you to move from one colour to another quickly and effortlessly.

This durable holder is very easy to clean after use and small enough to be stored easily.

Included in the pack:

3 x holders for top-fed airbrush pens
3 x holders for side-fed airbrush pens
(These are interchangeable attachments).